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Cosmetics & Hygiene
Product protection

Cosmetics & Hygiene products are always wrapped in films for showcase purposes. E-shrink proven shrink packaging solutions are in great demand in packing aerosol cans, bodycare products, hygiene products in bottles, trays and folding boxes containing cosmetic and hygiene products. Products can be well protected and present perfectly by film in both individual or in bundles.

We applied our machines to shrink wrap various products with different dimensions in the market with great customer satisfaction. That indicate E-shrink machine can fulfil a wide range of requirements.

Products packaged with us


Shrink wrapping is the best way for promotion.

Automatic feeding system

Automatic feeding system to satisfy diverse cosmetics and hygiene product packing need.

Grouping device

Grouping device for double pack toothpaste.

Multi-products bagging without shrink

Non-shrink multi packs are also suitable.