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Electronic goods are safely and securely packaged using E-shrink machines for the point of sale or transit. Our ideal solution for every circumstance, whether shrink wrapped a smartphone to the highest quality imaginable or transporting electronic components that need to be packed and protected in antistatic films or shrink wrapped. Little waste film during processing due to our innovative tight packaging with a film fit that is incredibly precise.

Products packaged with us

Electronic products

Various E-shrink machine models can be used to shrink wrap electronic products from elementary need to high yield production.

Extra high products

Widely use of shrink wrapping for electronic products such as router, sound bar, headphone, computer device, e-cigarette etc.. Extra high products can also be packed.

Angles trimming

Innovative machine design to solve dog ear problem on traditional shrink wrapping. Making a perfect result to present the product.

Extra large items

Tailor make specially size shrink machine models