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There is always an increase in demand for printed products. Machine solutions must be able to pack and promote products perfectly, while also providing maximum flexibility and efficiency during processing.

When adjusting to rapidly changing order structure, e-shrink enables print products to be more flexible, responsive, and variable. Print finishing, custom packaging, and film packaging are all part of our comprehensive portfolio.

It is possible to convert all of our machines from inline operation to stand-alone operation, and to add new functions for assembling, inserting, and packing in the mail. maximum flexibility and efficiency during processing.

Products packaged with us


All kind of printing products can be shrink wrap with a high packing speed with gorgeous result by E-shrink machines.

In-feed system

Numerous in-feed system for different printing products automation need.

Tailor make

Tailor make automation feeding device/system available.


Optional device on shrink tunnel for solving thin booklet/magazine buckling packing problem.